Our Casino

If you are looking for a fun time moment with your friends, then our casino is the place to be. We are the most popular and reputed casino in the vicinity. Our main aim is to ensure that our customers are completely entertained in our casino.

For your enjoyment, not only we have casino games but also, we have a restaurant which has varieties of cuisines to offer. You can have the pleasure to listen to our live music band, see our dancers perform and our stand-up comedian will leave you with laughter. We have a bar which offers complimentary drinks to our guests. You can opt to have any drink of your choice.

Our casino is open 24 hours a day for the whole week. We cater for all kinds of casino games such as table games, electronic games or random number games. We have several slot machines for you to play. Our croupiers are well experienced and you can play without worrying about any unfairness or cheating.

Often people lose their control on their money and place bets more than they can afford. So, we have introduced an account blocking system through which you can put a limit on how much to spend. After you reach the limit, you will no more be able to place a bet.

You can do advance booking for our casino by giving us a call or through our website. We have a membership offer through which you can be a member of this casino. You can be benefited by this, as we have lot of bonuses every month for our active members. You can also earn lot of points and can win lot of interesting prizes from the casino.

To start playing, you will be asked to deposit an amount of money. Once deposited, you can play our casino games.